wWorking at the Jackson Center for the Arts in metalsmithing studio.



I have been designing and selling jewelry for over 20 years, but it has only been recently, after discovering how much I love metalsmithing that I thought I could really make a business out of it.

I moved from Pasadena to a small horse farm property on the other side of Teton Valley 6 years ago, to live there and renovate it by myself, traveling occasionally all over the U.S and to other countries to competitively race ultra marathons. My home backed up against and was surrounded by wilderness, so I had fox, wolves, elk, deer, moose and bears in my yard and the horse paddock all the time, fighting for dominance of what had been an empty, foreclosed property. It was definitely a solo adventure. When I looked out into the valley and mountains in my view, there were only two specks of light at night - quite a shocking difference from the L.A. skyline! I fixed up the house and did major landscaping, (by hand!) then put it on the market the day after a giant moose charged me at the end of my driveway and I had to protect myself with bear spray.

I have relocated to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where there are more humans around and many more opportunities to be successful and creative. I take and am going to teach classes at The Center for the Arts, where I can paint, do ceramics, metalsmith and explore other mediums with friends. I maintain a studio in town that I share with 2 glassblowers and also work from home. I have moose in this yard, too!

Iā€™m inspired by the mountains and wilderness where I live and trail run, ski, bike and snowshoe when Im not working. I feel most alive 10 miles into a run, over 10,000 feet up in the mountain backcountry. As far as the farm dreams go, Ive scaled down to helping my boyfriend with his garden space in town, where we aim to have a bee hive and huge sunflowers among luscious tomatoes. In the future I would like to teach and have retreats for artists at my home, which will include a vintage Airstream that Iā€™m fixing up and renovating. Thank you for your interest in my site, and check back occasionally for class/retreat updates and new products.