Big Brazilian agate and horse bridle necklace

Big Brazilian agate and horse bridle necklace

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This is just…wow..I know, right? Boom!

I didn’t know whether to put this in the cowgirl necklace section or here, but it felt right to put it here and showcase the stone!

I bought the agate in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I often go in January to race a very long trail race down there. The last time I visited, I got to go rock shopping with my friend, who speaks Portuguese so it was much simpler!

The agate is set in a piece of gray resin and also brass, and I backed it with denim for comfort. It hangs from an up cycled horse bridle piece, costume jewelry and freshwater pearls.

I envision it worn by a bride, in a simple long white silk slip dress, barefoot and in the sand. But you could wear it with jeans and cowboy boots, too :)

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