Big Brazilian agate set in copper and brass

Big Brazilian agate set in copper and brass

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This piece is amazing! And if you’re thinking, “But I could never wear that..” I say, of course you can! You pick it up and put it on. There, you’re wearing it and it looks freaking amazeballs. Life is short. Wear what makes your eyeballs pop out because its so cool and you love it.

I bought this agate in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when I went rock shopping with my friend

I love it’s desert hues and milky whites, and I have hung it from a strand of turquoise, yellow and red jasper, shell discs, beads, and incredibly soft suede. It isn’t as heavy as you might expect, and is comfortable because of the suede tie in back.

I did all of the metalsmithing and left a gorgeous red torch-flame patina on the copper.

Wear it with a white tee, leather shirt or suede jacket and jeans.

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